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Delivering Enterprise Analytics

Analytics for Program Managers

The NavFox team is a unique manufacturer of digital sensors providing trusted solutions. NavFox offers advanced enterprise analytics and precision measurement hardware. NavFox is a small, responsive team that develops cost-effective solutions to meet enterprise applications. Call on NavFox to accelerate your organization. NavFox is your program manager's best friend.  



Call on NavFox to expand or launch your organization into future.

Centralized Processing and Dashboarding

The core of the NavFox capability is the scalable, directly managed datacenter architecture.

  • Web Dashboards

  • Central Data Store

  • Central Data Processing

  • Device Updates and Monitoring

  • Security Trust

Edge Gateways and Analytics

Deliver information in the field by installing a gateway on-site or on-vehicle.

  • Inform local users

  • Manage NavFox sensors within 1.5km

  • Capture and report other sensors

  • Trigger critical alarms by API

  • Message transport by WAN, 5G, SATCOM, or any other protocol

Premium Sensing Devices

Create the best data to inform your business information system by getting reliable measurements.

  • Trusted sensors to make qualified data

  • Leverage proven wireless messaging

  • Reduce cost of installation with state-of-the-art sensors tailored to business need.

Business Improvement


Strategic Outcomes

The NavFox team provides the outcomes program managers expect. The right sensor data analyzed to deliver reliable business information to ensure successful business improvement.

  • Bring Checklist Digital and Real-Time 

  • Enable Digital Innovation Urban and Backcountry

  • Monitor and Alert for Performance or Security Real-time


Innovative Devices

NavFox is a manufacturer of advanced electronics devices.

When the right sensor is needed, NavFox can rapidly develop and deliver.

About Us

Our Story

Advanced Measurements, Now Connected

NavFox is the culmination of 48 years of measurement expertise integrated with the Internet of Things. Founded in 1975 in Knoxville, TN, Technology for Energy Corp provides sensing expertise in nuclear, aerospace, electric power, and agricultural markets.

NavFox takes these trusted measurements and implements A.I., on the edge and in the centralized servers, to deliver state-of-the-art analytics to enterprise customers.

Meet the Team


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Desk: +1 (865) 218-5810

Knoxville, TN 37932 USA

Huntsville, AL 35801 USA

US Company, Made in USA.

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